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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How can you sell brand new, brand name items so cheap?

A:  We work with both national and international big box retailers, as well as Amazon to buy pallets and pallets of returned merchandise at a fraction of the retail cost.  This allows us to pass along the discounts to you.

Q:  Are any of the items broken or missing pieces?

A:  Because we are buying huge boxes of merchandise, sometimes filled with hundreds of items, it is impossible for us to check and/or test each item. While apporximately 95% of our items are brand new in the original packaging, as with any returned merchandise, the initial Buyer may have opened and even tried the item before returning it.  So, yes.  Occasionally, items may be broken or missing pieces.  We strongly recommend, NOT purchasing these items.


Q:  How can I tell if an item is broken or missing pieces?  Can I open the box and check?


A.  We do not allow you to open any boxes or bags.  However, we are happy to open boxes for you.  This allows us to reseal the box for the next person, should you decide not to buy it.


Q:  You sell bulk food items.  Are these items expired or passed their Use By date?


A:  The  mass majority of our bulk food items are non-perishable and well within the  "Use By" date.  However, you may also find items that are just passed their date.  We recommend using your best judgement on whether to purchase these items.  We also have signs posted in all our locations regarding this topic.

Q:  Can I call my local location to see what you will have this week?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  We usually don't know what we will have until RESTOCKING DAY on Thursday.  We may only have one of a particular item or multiple.  We just never know.

Q:  Do you restock everyday?  Will I find the same, high end items on $.50 Day as I will on $10 Day?

A:  We are closed on Thursdays to fully restock our more than 100 fire bins in each location.  We also close from Noon to 1pm on Friday and Saturday at all locations to restock again in addition to bringing out "special" bins throughout the day with even more great items.  The rest of the week we continue to lower the price and sell off whatever is left.

Q:  Can I resell the items I buy from Crazy Hot Deals?

A:  ABSOLUTELY!!  In fact, many of our customers make a nice extra income by buying from Crazy Hot Deals and quicky turning around and selling on Facebook, ebay and other places.  Buying an item from us for $10 that sells on Amazon for as much as $150 or more can certainly bring you some nice profit!

Q:  What's the most one item you've sold has been resold for?

A:  We've had one customer find a brand new pair of binnoculars that he paid $10 for.  He sold it on ebay a couple weeks later for $1700!!

Q:  I see a lot of this type of store opening.  What makes Crazy Hot Deals better?

A:  Crazy Hot Deals is the #1 store in America for "Set Price" shopping with a Daily Price Drop.  We have been imitated.  But, never duplicated in the quality and quantity of the top quality, high end merchandise we make available to you each week.

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